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Welcome to the website! A lot has happened in the 12 years since this site was created. Computing (my favorite hobby) has advanced FAR beyond anything I could have imagined when I first became interested in computers in the early 1980’s. That was BEFORE there were IBM PC’s and only shortly after the invention of the Mac computer. A time when connecting your computer to the world meant using a 300 baud modem and 4k of memory was LOTS….ha-ha!! Heck, my first couple of computers didn’t even have a hard drive, OR mouse.  Online services and even computer bulletin boards didn’t exist until the late 80’s and now they are pretty much a thing of the past….there were no cell phones back then, no computer networking and NO Internet….NO DVD’s and HD TV, well you get the picture, times change.

I applied for the domain name shortly after the Terrorist attacks and so you will still find a link to a web page that I created while I was trying to create some content for the web pages here.   Click Here 

Beyond that, I still have my original web pages (circa about 1998) in a link further down this page. Please have a look.

Thank goodness for hi-speed internet, as I remember how it once was extremely critical to place relatively small files within web pages to keep them from taking forever to load.

                                     Tom T.

    For more information about ME see the links below.

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